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"In March 2011 the day before a big lacrosse game, I had been given the news no athlete ever wants to hear, my ACL had been ruptured and I would need to get surgery to fix it. I was devastated, but worked hard to get strong right after surgery because I had a job waiting for me in England in September. Getting to England I found myself too busy to focus on my knee so I put the rehab on the back burner. My strength steadily regressed throughout the entire year and my pain became a constant annoyance. When I got home for the summer I was determined to feel like the athlete I once was, so I gave Soaring Eagle a call and had my first evaluation with Jenna. It had been a little over a year since surgery but the staff at Soaring Eagle found ways to modify exercises to my specific needs.

Throughout my time at Soaring Eagle I worked with not only Jenna; but Adrian and Thai as well, all of whom I enjoyed equally. Each physical therapist understood my situation, showed genuine concern for my knee, and explained to me the long lasting effects I could do if I did not concentrate on getting it right this time around. Towards the end of my time with Soaring Eagle, I was being pushed to a level I hadn't reached in over a year. My appreciation to all the staff at Soaring Eagle (Adrian, Thai, Jenna, Rob, Trish) will last a lifetime as I finally feel back to normal! Thanks for everything throughout the summer!"

Trish M.

"I had hurt my elbow playing baseball and was told that I would not be able to pitch again. Throughout my sessions I had some good days and some bad days but Adrian was always there to keep me on the right track. Even after my sessions were finished, he made sure that I had a program to follow on my own. I could tell that he really cared.

I have fully recovered from my injury and have continued playing baseball. I want to say thank you for everything that you have done for me, without your help I would not have been able to pitch again."


"I wanted to thank you and your friendly accommodating staff for all the months of physical therapy. It has been a long healing process and I would not be where I am without all of your help. You have not seen the last of me (or my family). I am sure of that."

Gina S.

"Rob provides a winning combination of skill and understanding. After he helped me so well with a shoulder problem, I didn't hesitate to bring my 96 year old mother to him. My brothers and I had been trying for 15 years to get Mom to use a walker, and she adamantly refused. It took Rob just 15 seconds to get her to change her mind, by using the magic words: 'It will make you more independent.'"

Anna M.

"Last year I came down with a rare illness called Transverse Myelitis, which causes paralysis from the waist down due to inflammation of the spinal cord. After spending 2-1/2months in the hospital learning how to walk again I was discharged with a walker to help support my mobility once I got home. I needed to start physical therapy to help strengthen my legs, and regain my core strength.

After some initial research I found Soaring Eagle and spoke with Rob who was very knowledgeable about Transverse Myelitis treatment. I started physical therapy and with the help and encouragement of Rob I went from using a walker, to using a cane, and finally walking without assistance. Throughout all the physical hardships that I have endured, due to having Transverse Myelitis, I have always been surrounded by individuals who were always there for me. Rob, you not only helped me to regain the strength in my legs, but you also helped strengthen my perspective on life. Thank you for all your hard work and support!"

Yolanda B.

"It is so wonderful to come across somebody in the medical profession that actually cares about what they do and the people they treat. You have a keen ability to empathize with your patients, which is probably attributable to your outstanding athletic background. Your dedication, professionalism and desire to go above and beyond to help your patients improve put Soaring Eagle Physical Therapy head and shoulders above your competition. Thanks for being there for us!"

Frank C.

"Words do not seem to express our sincere thank you for all that you have done for Michelle. When Michelle tore her ACL in March we felt terrible and uneasy about all her medical attention. You are a life saver. Carmine, I and especially Michelle felt so comfortable with you as a Physical Therapist. You knew exactly what to do, Michelle knew that you know what her pain was like, and you always listened to her. She felt really good coming to see you and talking through her questions, her pain, and her frustration.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your understanding, your compassion, and your knowledge of physical therapy that helped Michelle a stronger person, and helped her through this very difficult seven months. You are so professional in your approach as well as human. You worked so well with Dr. Cavaliere which made the process so much smoother. Your professionalism was wonderful which made Michelle's recovery incredible. We will always come to you as our Physical Therapist and we will always recommend you as the best of the best."

Joanne I.